Common Myths About Dubai

dubai myths

Dubai has grown as one of the world’s most modern cities from being a quiet desert. It is a place where people enjoy the extraordinary view from world’s tallest building or explore one of the world’s largest malls. As it becomes so famous, everyone has an opinion on it. That’s why there are plenty of Dubai misconceptions around. Here. We have busted some common myths about this dazzling city.

Women are treated like lower class citizens

The biggest misconception among the people is that females are not treated with respect in Dubai. But the truth is that female expats remark upon how safe, they are while living here when it comes to everyday living. They can enjoy gender privileges no matter what their background is to the public. Dubai is safe from the crime as well as violence. There is a separate division for ladies in the Dubai metro making them avoid getting crushed in the overcrowded mixed carriages. The United Arab Emirates is widely considered as one of the most forward thinking countries with regards to the gender relations among the Muslim majority countries.

Every Person Living in the Dubai is Super Rich


The person who thinks it is true needs to know that it is completely non-sense. One can see people from all walks of life from being a maid to the chief engineer in a multinational firm. It is very common to see locals from all sorts of the financial system. There is most certainly money to be made here, but sometimes a Westerner could go three times of what a worker from sub-continent making in Dubai.

No Alcohol is allowed in Dubai

no alcohol allowed

It can be turned out to be the greatest myths about this beautiful city. The alcohol is commonly sold in the hotels and even some stores in the Dubai. However, the other cities of the UAE have some particular requirements to sell alcohol.

Has only Islam celebrated?

The truth is quite the reverse of this myth. The other religion’s festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Holi and many other non-Muslim festivals are celebrated openly in the Dubai. They feel proud of being tolerant of other religions. There are many churches, and one can see in the city with the two of them St Mary’s Church and Holy Trinity Church famous ones. Despite this, there are also Hindu as well Sikh temples around the city.

Dubai is the City of the UAE: This will be a shocker to some people as there are people that even think Dubai is a country. Officially, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE even though Dubai (the city) is much larger than the Abu Dhabi. If you want dubai visa you can get from dubai toursit visa agents in hyderabad

Everything Costs Expensive


It is true that Dubai is not a cheap country, but still, there are lots of fun things, you can do without any cost. You can go to the cultural galleries of the city or just go to a beach. There are many affordable restaurants in the city.

A Very Strict City


The city is a very tolerant place as it is not hard to live here if you know the law and respect the culture. The people can feel as safe in Dubai as they seem in the London.

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How online education is good?


In today’s competitive world, there are a lot of challenges faced by the students such as higher tuition fees, course shortages and many other. This led them to look for the other alternatives. There are more than five million students enrolled in the online studies, making it one of the most popular higher education options. The numbers are kept increasing every year, proving that online learning is as good as the face to face education. Here are some reasons to show how good is online education.

Reduced Education Cost

Light bulb with dollars

It is no secret that the online courses cost less than the regular studies. It is not guaranteed that all the online degrees are less expensive, but still the net tuition cost is low. Also, there are free online courses to fill the education requirements of the students charging at little to no cost.


online education flexiility

The students learning online can plan their study best according to their schedule. They can work and study when they are at their peak energy, whether that’s early morning or late night.

Career Advancement

Jobs and careers

The individual can complete their education online while working, while in between jobs or any other reasons. Also, you can advance towards your career goal and shows how ambitious you are.

Inspiring Professors


In some online programs, the students get the chance to connect with some of the top instructors and guest lecturers around the globe. Students can surely inspire to look for opportunities from the best in their profession.

Improvement of technical skills

Group of business people using tablet. Isolated on white backgroundgroup, laptop,

The students can learn many different skills by participating in the online study programs. Even the most simple course will require the computer skills development as the learner has to navigate different types of learning management programs.


Plan A B or C Choice Showing Strategy Change Or Dilemma

One of the main reasons the students prefer to have the online education is the nonavailability of the schools or programs in their area. This type of teaching allows the students to select the course not available in their area.

Avoid Commuting


Students enrolled in the online courses can attend always attend their classes whether it is raining outside or scorching temperature. Also, there is a considerable amount of bucks can be saved on fuel costs as there is no need to commute from the campus to home.

Teaching Options


For online students, there are a variety of educational programs available from they can choose a learning and evaluation format suits them. There are  programs for everyone, whether you are completing portfolios or just want to learn by taking tests.

Ease of Accessibility


The students learning online can get access to their coursework anytime they want. They can review lectures or discussions and share, personal notes with each other.

Through distant learning students from recent high school graduates to working, professionals can be benefited. Despite these endless benefits, the online degrees are viewed as less optimal instruction for students. Another primary concern where the online education lacks is the face to face communication with the instructors as well as classmates.

Since its beginning, the online education has come to a long way, and more advancement is expected in the coming years too. The advocates of the online education are working continuously to add the more advantages for the students learning online.


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Types of Companies


A Company is a separate legal entity do business by buying, selling or making goods in the exchange of money. In a company, many employees are working for a common goal. They collaborate to focus their talents and organize the available skills to achieve the specific target. The people forming the company are known as shareholders. The sizes of the companies have changed due to the rapid growth of trade, commerce and industry in modern times. Some of the world’s largest companies are Walmart, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, China NationalPetroleum, Goldman Sachs, Saudi Aramco and Deutsche Bank. There are five different elements of every company stated below:

  • A register office is a place where the records of the companies are stored safely.
  • A name which must be reserved by the Registrar of Companies.
  • There must be one shareholder and one director of the company.
  • An address where judicial documents can be served for service.
  • The Registrar can ask an address of communication.

Types of Companies: There are two kinds of companies:


  • Privately Held Companies: The privately held companies are owned by the management or group of investors and founders of the enterprise. These types of business do not trade on the stock exchange and don’t need to reveal their financial information. The biggest benefit privately held companies have they can’t dip into the public capital market and must turn to private funding, which can increase the capital cost. They try to reduce the tax.
  • Public Company: A public company sells a portion of itself to the public through initial public offerings. They traded on the stock exchange and required to file an earnings report after every three months with the Securities and Exchange Commission. They also have the ability to tap the financial markets by selling equity or bond to raise their capital.
  • Company Limited by Guarantee: This type of companies works for non-commercial purposes such as charities, not for profit, etc. The members guarantee a certain amount of money in the case; the company goes into insolvent liquidation. In the United Kingdom, these companies are mainly found
  • Limited Liability Company: A Limited Liability Company is a statutorily authorized by the management and has limitations on ownership transfer. The members have limited responsibility for the company’s members.

Business Model: The business model of the company can be defined as the method to make profits. Money is exchanged for the assets as a way of business.There are four types of business models:

  • Creators: In a company, the creators are the people who manufacture the products or services needed to be sold.
  • Distributor: The distributors are the people selling or distributing the products.
  • Landlord: In a business model, the owner charges a fee for the good’s use.
  • Brokers: The merchants stand between the consumers and companies for supplying the need of the people.



The most common method used in the companies is the distributor in which assets sold to the customer wants to buy it.


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malaysia tourism for asians

malaysian tourismHello Readers, Today I am going to explain you something about Malaysian Tourism. Malaysia is one of the best tourist spot the world has with low cost of living and popular destinations. Malaysia is so dependent upon tourism. On holidays, most travellers visit Malaysia, as it provides perfect ambience,excellent landscape,restaurants and so on. As per statistics , many people from different countries like USA,UK,CANADA and Europe visit Malaysia as they notified that different colors, origin will mix up as multicultural. This been a major factor to Malaysia as it becomes the best tourism spot for outsiders. Malaysia is a southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian peninsula and part of the island of Borneo.

malaysian tourism at night

Malaysia is famous for beaches, rainforest and mix of Malay,Chinese,Indian and European influences. Tourism Malaysia is a business making, as they found many Indians visit Malaysia in large numbers, and this been increasing year to year. Not only India , other countries are growing in number as well to spend their holidays on vacation. As said by Kumartours which provides Malaysia tour packages from Hyderabad Malaysian tourism has announced a ’14-days visa on arrival’ scheme for Indian nationals. The visas will be issued only if the visit to Malaysia is combined with Thailand or Singapore(make sure your PNR status for every travel is confirmed when travelling from one place to another). They will be available from the Kuala Lumpur international airport as well as the road entry point from Singapore, the Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar, Tanjung Kupang. It’s a major advantage for Indian citizens. A recent update for people who are in U.S states that “Tourism Malaysia will offer a $1,299 per person, five-night air-hotel package to Kuala Lumpur, with an optional extension. The deal: The Special Malaysia Package includes round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur, five nights at the luxury Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre, daily breakfast, airport and hotel transfers, a half-day city tour with lunch, and a 10% food discount. The package starts at $1,299, plus some taxes and fees, and is based on double occupancy.This price is quite affordable for people in America .

Today Malaysia is ranked 10th in the world and 2nd in Southeast Asia for tourist arrivals. Government of Malaysia tourism had diversify the economy and is now less dependent on exports and given more priority to tourism. As a result, tourism has become Malaysia’s third largest source of foreign exchange income. As Malaysia is a great place to visit for pleasure or business and for holiday travelers, Malaysia offers everything for a perfect holiday to spend on spectacular landscape, lively beaches ,restaurants, best security for foreign visitors and excellent entertainment option and some best hotels in the world. From the above credentials , Malaysia Tourism has become the best tourism all over the world.

for more information on malaysian tourism you can visit.

You can follow Malaysian tourism in twitter at

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This Year Chinese Students Dominates Usa education

Chinese students are studying abroad in record numbers—then coming home in droves :

Education abroad in china is growing in number every year. As per the statistics suggests for the year that half a million of Chinese students headed and in the return 400,000 back home. Which is an excellent record achieved according to china’s ministry of education. The Start of china’s reforms in 1987 ,a combined 4 million Chinese students have studied abroad, and 2.2 million of them had returned home by the end of the last year according to ministry’s report which was published on March 25.

according to a usa study abroad education consultant in hyderabad,  In the year 2015, 523,730 Chinese students headed abroad to study with an increase 14% from the last year and in return 409,100 had back home. 0.7 to 0.8 is the outbound return ratio of Chinese students who have returned home after achieving the foreign diploma is what ministry’s says. And they noticed that returnees are coming home because domestic job market is more appealing than overseas is what , ” Qi Mo ” head of the overseas study subdivision of the education ministry that he told in a press conference .

And in U.S, it’s hard for Chinese students to find job to stay ,as more Chinese students enrolled in programs like business and marketing. But overseas job markets and foreign government policies favor technology experts something Indian students benefit from. The Chinese students who have returned home in the year 2015 , more than 80% hold a masters degree while UK was in the spot to earn a masters. Some of the top destinations for Chinese students to hold a masters degree in UK 43% ,US 19%,AUSTRALIA 10 %, FRANCE 4%, SOUTH KOREA 3%, JAPAN 3%, GERMANY 2% , RUSSIA 2% & CANADA 1 % .

china abroad education

Based on the above metric US holds the top destination for doctoral degree while South Korea is the top for bachelor degree. The ministry surveyed reports says that nearly half of the Chinese students would like to find jobs in first tier cities, which is down 8% from the year 2013. That’s because more students from lower tier cities afford to study abroad. And Chinese students are more likely to return to their hometown , and job markets were less fierce is what financial media Ciaxin report suggests. Overall , there we found more overseas returnees then there is a demand for them which shows the wages for the returnees have declined in recent years according to a report from Caixin media .

Cost of Higher Education graph Below.

cost of higher education

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Education system in india

edu system in india

current education system focuses more on scores rather than knowledge of the student.

Education in india is provided by the public sector as well as the private sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: central,state , and local.Free education is compulsory to all and is provides as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14.
In villages we find education given less importance , so our government must give ample support to provide more schools to build education.Teachers must say the purpose of education to the children of school level.Teachers must give the basis level of education to understand the concept .
communication skill is the major requirement to understand what student communicate , teachers must give emphasis on building communication to students.students should given focus on personality development and extra curricular activities also .
Teachers must conduct tests on every weekend to assess students growth.On conducting tests, marks should be given for the process rather than output .Teachers must help out students to draw mind maps on subjects , so that they think and know the subject well .
Every school must provide students to do science fair activity for students growth and development.Games must also given emphasis for students .Many schools think that extra curricular activites may loose the students growth and may lead to loosing education in their career . This assumption is false , every school must give importance to extra curricular activities also .

Some students in government schools think that education is well taugh in private schools not in government schools , this must be taken action by the government .
Government must provide quality teachers to village areas schools , so that they educate well in their career .Weak students should given special classes ,and proper care of each student must be taken .Students must know the process of the subject and teachers must give proper guidance to students .Sports activity should be known to every school in villages not on school level but on state level toeach and every student.
Bookish knowledge has to be removed for students and teach much on reality in their subjects .Practical examinations should be conduct on every weekend of the day , and tell students what the observations what each student bring out .Olympiad exams should be written by each student , to know how far they gain knowledge in their subjects.Teachers must conduct group discussions on topic , so that they figure out the best student on subject.

Career guidance must be given to students to think of their life .
English language given much importance to students as it helps in their career .There must be seminars and projects from schooling to make students understand the subjects well .If required , Government must concentrate on education on annual basis to give proper education for students career & life !

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